Alone with the Lord

At the start of this year, few of my friends decided to do a retreat – a day with the Lord. I was so glad that I had that day off work and childcare provision so I could join them. We have done this few times before as well in the last few years. ThisContinue reading “Alone with the Lord”

Autumn, the best season of the year

Crisp air, bright sunshine, gorgeous colourful leaves and cool winds announce the start of autumn. You cannot wait to tantalise your taste buds with delicious pumpkin & apple pies, heart-warming soups and pumpkin spice lattes. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold and perfect for long walks. With leaves rustling under your feet,Continue reading “Autumn, the best season of the year”

How to Navigate the Pandemic with Kids Under 5?

It is difficult to explain to a young mind about the pandemic. To be fair, the grown ups also don’t know what’s the new normal going to be during these ever changing COVID19 times. We are all learning and adapting to what’s best for us. Children thrive on routines and like everyone else their routinesContinue reading “How to Navigate the Pandemic with Kids Under 5?”

Working from Home

Working from home has become one of the most talked about topics these days. Some people have been doing it for years and for others it became a reality during COVID19 lockdown. I have been working from home some days a week (most days during pregnancy) since more than 6 years. Here are some thingsContinue reading “Working from Home”